London, 27 Aug 2002.
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Global Warming Myth Costs The Earth
"A global climate treaty must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence"

(Richard Benedict, US Conservation Foundation)

This statement sums up the approach of many of those attending the Earth Junket, who believe in man-made global warming as a matter of faith, and hoped to see this matter higher on the agenda. Benedict was right in one respect, there is no scientific evidence for warming of the atmosphere through emissions of carbon dioxide or any other gas, as required for man-made global warming to be true.
* while computer climate models predict steady heating of the lower atmosphere, particularly in the latter half of the twentieth century, actual temperature readings from satellites and radiosonde balloons confirm that the atmosphere has cooled during the last 25 years
* there is however convincing evidence that the current minuscule global surface temperature rise of 0.053 degrees C per decade is fully explainable through changes in the output of the Sun - this trend would produce a warming of half a degree by 2100, 12 times less than a hysterical IPCC prediction and due to entirely natural processes beyond mankind's influence.
In the Earth's past, temperature changes of up to 10 degrees C have happened naturally in timescales of a decade. Perhaps it is as well that Mr Meacher has no chance whatsoever of influencing the extremely modest rises in surface temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide occurring at present, since neither fuel duty nor the climate change levy do anything except increase the financial burden on citizens and businesses. Our carbon dioxide level, even at the present lowly 0.037% by volume, helps the growth of crops and hence food production, while each mild winter in the UK saves 20,000 lives compared to a severe one. Extreme weather elsewhere represents normal variation, and is in any case associated more with global cooling.
The ABD will also point out how climate models, increasingly used in preference to actual temperature data as the basis for international policymaking, are in disrepute.
"There were always extreme, irrational and mystical elements within our movement, but they tended to be kept in their place during the early years. Then in the mid-Eighties the ultraleftists and extremists took over. After Greenham Common closed and the Berlin Wall came down these extremists were searching for a new cause and found it in environmentalism. The old agendas of class struggle and anti-corporatism are still there but now they are dressed up in environmental terminology."

(Dr Patrick Moore, co-founder member of Greenpeace, May 2000)

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