London, 28 Nov 2002.
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Plan for Decongesting Roads Approved
Following the announcement by Transport Secretary Alistair Darling of plans to appoint Transport Directors to get traffic moving on Britain's roads, the ABD would like to nominate Mr Ian Beesley of Oxford for one of these posts.
Mr Beesley recently dug up a speed hump outside his house with a mechanical digger, following 5 weeks of disturbed sleep due to noise from vehicles traversing the hump. After clearing the rubble to make the road safe for vehicles and pedestrians, he reported his action to the police.
Despite numerous complaints from Mr Beesley, Oxford City Council had refused to remove the hump themselves. Having imposed many such obstructions on drivers over the last few years, the council were doubtless wondering when drivers would reach breaking point. They neglected to take any notice of a resident who happened to own a JCB.
The fact that Mr Beesley felt the need to resort to such drastic action, demonstrates the consequences of councils ignoring the opinions of both drivers and residents when it comes to our roads.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
Whilst the ABD approves of Transport Directors co-ordinating roadworks, it's not enough; they need genuine authority to get traffic moving, including preventing local councils from maliciously creating congestion by introducing obstructions, road narrowing, under-used bus lanes, excessive traffic light delays, and the multitude of other tricks up their sleeve.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"Whilst we cannot condone his methods, Mr Beesley clearly had the right idea about how to improve the state of Britain's roads; he should be given a consultancy fee, not a fine."

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