London, 2 Dec 2002.
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Wasted Bus Lanes Should Be Put to Good Use Says ABD
All over the country traffic congestion is being caused by the installation of bus lanes where once there was free flowing traffic. These lanes are largely empty most of the time and the constricted roadspace often serves to hold up even the buses which get caught in tailbacks further back.
The Association of British Drivers have a simple solution to this problem -Cars which are carrying two or more persons should be allowed to use all bus lanes.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
"A car carrying passengers is far more efficient in terms of pollution levels and road space use than the vast majority of buses which travel almost empty, it's also much more efficient than the taxis that are allowed free use of bus lanes even without passengers. It's totally ridiculous that the most efficient vehicles are held up whilst the least efficient have priority lanes."
The ABD claim their scheme would improve traffic flow for all users:
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"Getting some of the cars into the usually empty bus lanes will not impede flow of public transport but will improve overall traffic flow, including that of single occupancy vehicles, the drivers of which invariably have very valid reasons for choosing to use their cars alone. More roadspace will be created for all vehicles."
Of course, the ABD has always been committed to the policy of allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes, together with essential users, including Doctors, Nurses or Midwifes attending patients, breakdown services, 'meals on wheels' providers etc. For a full list of criteria that the ABD believes should be applied see:
The ABD remains totally opposed to 'stand alone' high occupancy vehicle lanes in principle. These would create congestion and confusion. The above proposal is a scheme that should be applied to ALL existing bus lanes.
The BBC Top Gear programme recently highlighted how underused bus lanes are. They monitored the M4 bus lane for a whole one hour programme during which time not one bus was seen!

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