London, 3 Mar 2003.
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Highway Code Should be Sent to All
The Association of British Drivers today calls for a copy of the Highway Code to be sent to all road users.
Whilst it must be recognised that there is far more to safe road use than obeying a set of instructions, the ABD claim that it is becoming increasingly obvious that there are many road users who don't have a clue how they are supposed to behave on the roads and who are seemingly oblivious to any of the guidelines and rules set out in the Highway Code.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"The Highway Code could be mailed to all UK residents for very little if any cost if it were sponsored by industry. We are sure there would be no shortage of companies prepared to pay to advertise on the cover. The Highway Code is not just for drivers but contains valuable guidelines for all road users. Although this initiative would not force people to read the code, it would dramatically increase the chances of more road users gaining greater awareness about safe road use."
ABD Road Safety spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie said:
"Many drivers read the Highway Code when they learn to drive then never buy another copy. It's clear that many are unaware of the many revisions that have taken place over the years, particularly in relation to roundabout usage, lane discipline on motorways and dual carriageways and correct use of indicators and lights. Many pedestrians and cyclists have never read the code at all, yet the rules and guidelines apply equally to these road users who often place themselves in danger and are most likely to suffer serious consequences."
Mr McArthur-Christie continued:
"It's unfortunate that the government gives little or no publicity to new traffic rules and revisions to the Highway Code. Mailing a copy every time there is a revision would address this regrettable oversight."

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