London, 8 Apr 2003.
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Contact: Ben Lovejoy

Press Release

ABD Calls the Bluff of Profiteering Councils
The Association of British Drivers today called the bluff of councils who claim that revenue-generation was not a factor in their decision to increase parking fines by up to 50% — by inviting them to donate all parking fine profits to charity.

From 1st April, central London parking fines were increased from £80 to £100, and outer London fines from either £60 to £80 or from £40 to £60. The Association of London Government (ALG) claims that these increases are only intended to act as a deterrent, and not to make money for councils. ALG's Director of Transport Nick Lester claimed: "The amount of revenue raised is not a consideration for us in setting penalties. It doesn't matter to us whether councils make a profit or a loss."

"We are sure that the Association of Local Government is an honourable organisation," said ABD spokesman Ben Lovejoy "and that councils are telling the truth when they claim to have no interest in making money from parking fines. We are confident they will be delighted to silence sceptics by agreeing to keep only the actual costs of collection, and to donate all the profits to charity."

The ABD has proposed a deadline of 30th April for councils to confirm their intent to do this, and 30th June for councils to announce that the measures are in place. "If those councils agreeing to this let us know, we will be delighted to issue a press release listing all the councils telling the truth," added Ben Lovejoy.


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