London, 5 Aug 2003.
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Speed Humps Must Go!
The news that £4 million of new ambulances are sitting idle in Yorkshire because they cannot get over speed humps is an appalling consequence of mis-directed road safety policy.
Councils in York and Hull have made their areas no-go areas for the new ambulances, resulting in the Tees, East and North Yorkshire Ambulance Service Trust (TENYAS) being rated as one of the worst in the country.
Barnet Council in London recently made the decision to remove all the speed humps in the borough, following a statement by London Ambulance Service that speed humps caused delays that cost lives.
ABD Road Safety spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie said:
"With evidence that speed humps cause more deaths by delaying emergency vehicles, than they are claimed to prevent by reducing road accidents, speed humps are now totally discredited."
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said
"This disgraceful news from Yorkshire must now signal the end of the road for speed humps. They must all be removed now."


Erratum: This Press release was originally issued showing a figure of £40 million due to a typographical error.
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