London, 3 Sep 2003.
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Derbyshire Speed Camera Partnership don't know their limits
ABD researchers have discovered that road safety advice being published by the Derbyshire "Safety" Camera Partnership shows the wrong speed limits.
Their website ( shows a table in which speed limits for HGVs are claimed to be 50mph for a single carriageway road and 60mph for a dual carriageway. The Highway Code shows the same limits as 40mph and 50mph.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory commented:
"This is a spectacular error. For a speed camera partnership not to know the speed limit is not laughable, it's outrageous. These people are regularly prosecuting others for exceeding a limit, but they don't even know what the limits are."
The site also offers the advice "If you are unsure of the speed limit stick to 30mph".
ABD Road Safety Spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie commented:
"This advice is about as intellectually sound as the Partnership's quoted speed limits. Am I supposed to drive at 30mph irrespective of hazards or conditions? Perhaps past a school at a dangerously fast 30mph or along a busy A road at a dangerously slow 30mph? Rather than just following an arbitrary limit, drivers must set appropriate speeds for the prevailing conditions. This speed camera partnership needs to put its house in order."
As well as incorrect speed limits and potentially dangerous advice, Derbyshire's site also claims that "excessive and inappropriate speed is the biggest cause in all road collisions." This claim is refuted by the Government's own published evidence.
Brian Gregory responded:
"This site, like the cameras it attempts to justify, needs to be torn down and thrown away. It is full of mistakes, errors and information that could lead to accidents. For a publicly funded body to have allowed it to be published on the web is a complete disgrace. Its lack of accuracy in even basic details casts serious doubt over anything the Partnership says in future."


Notes for editors:
The appropriate section of the online highway code can be found at:
TRL323 places "excessive speed" at 7.3%, well below "Failure to judge other person's path or speed" (10.7%), Behaviour - careless/thoughtless/reckless" (8.8%), "Inattention" (8.0%) and "Looked but did not see" (7.5%).
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