London, 30 Oct 2003.
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Lay Off Rally Fans!
The Association of British Drivers has condemned an announcement by the Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership that they intend to target drivers attending the Wales Rally GB over the weekend of 6th-9th November.
Last year over 2300 drivers were caught by cameras deliberately set up between rally stages, and on bridges over the M4 motorway. Those caught included rally drivers Colin McRae, Richard Burns, Tommi Makinen, Carlos Sainz and Markko Martin.
ABD Road Safety spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie said:
"Speed Cameras are supposed to be deployed at accident blackspots, yet during last year's rally there were no serious accidents. There is absolutely no justification for targeting people attending a sporting event. The only possible motive behind this victimisation is financial. Most of those attending the rally will be from outside the area, or even from abroad, and won't know where the speed camera vans hide out."
Ironically, the rally is sponsored by the Welsh Development Agency, and backed by the Welsh Assembly, in a clear attempt to encourage people to visit Wales, and generate up to £50million for the local economy. This is in direct conflict with the Safety Camera Partnership who are doing their level best to discourage such visits.
There is no doubt that drivers who are victimised in this way by the speed camera vans are going to be left with bad memories of Wales, and will think twice before coming back.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"We would urge people attending the rally to exercise great caution on the roads. They should be in no doubt whatsoever that the Talivans will know all the best spots in which to lurk to catch drivers out, and intend to rake in as much money as possible."


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