London, 27 Nov 2003.
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Britain's worst speed camera must go!
ABD locates Britain's worst speed camera lurking in North Wales.
A survey of all fixed speed camera sites in North Wales carried out by the Association of British Drivers has revealed what is probably Britain's worst speed camera. On the edge of the village of Greenfield on the A548 Flintshire coast road, a speed camera lurks in wait behind a railway bridge on a left hand bend at the start of a 30 limit.
The speed camera pre-dates the introduction of visibility requirements intended to make cameras act as deterrents, rather than trapping unwary drivers. Although it is now painted yellow , it remains totally hidden to approaching traffic by the bridge and left hand bend. Even the markings on the road are hidden from view.
ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
"The fact that the camera is now painted yellow is irrelevant, it could have a flashing neon sign and would still be hidden from view. This is a clear breach of speed camera guidelines which state that cameras in a 30mph zone should be clearly visible from 60 metres in both directions."
As drivers approach the disused railway bridge they notice a sudden drop from an already questionable 40mph limit, to just 30mph. There is no apparent reason for this reduction, no houses, no schools, no warning signs for any unseen hazard. The A548 passes along the edge of the village, it does not pass through it. There is absolutely no indication whatsoever of a speed camera.
With the P&O Irish Sea ferry terminal located a few miles up the road at Mostyn, and many services departing at night, this speed camera can be sure of a regular supply of unwary victims.
The Department for Transport has asked drivers to let them know of speed cameras that are sited in the wrong place, or that are not meeting the official criteria.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"The continued existence of this money grabbing camera is a disgrace. This should be the first camera to be scrapped."


Notes for Editors
Full details of the ABD's survey of North Wales fixed speed cameras, with photographs, can be seen at (Here)
Large versions of both photographs of the Greenfield speed camera site are available on request from the webmaster.
Further notes for Editors