London, 17 Dec 2003.
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ABD Calls for a Return to Calm Debate on Road Safety
The ABD today called for the speed camera issue to be debated calmly, following an article in the Times alleging "death threats" against high profile road safety figures, and a subsquent Press Release by pro-camera group "Brake" which labelled anyone opposing cameras as "bully boys".
The ABD has always used reasonable and rational arguments to promote its well thought out views on road safety, and, whilst it has been critical of the arguments and sometimes the motives of its opponents, it has never descended to the level of personal threats or abuse.
The ABD unreservedly condemns those on both sides of the road safety debate who mount personal attacks on those who genuinely hold opposing views on how best to improve road safety, because it recognises that we all have a joint responsibility to save lives on Britain's roads.
The ABD believes that the so called "death threats" against Mary Williams came from individuals, not organisations. It is therefore neither justified nor reasonable to attribute these views to any organisations. We are disappointed to see the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, of which the ABD is a member, joining in an effort to tar opposing viewpoints with this brush.
We do, however, join Brake, PACTS and other road safety organisations in calling for calm debate on whether or not speed cameras are an effective alternative to more traditional road safety measures such as improved driver education and road engineering solutions.


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