London, 16 May 2004.
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Speed Danger Not About Numbers
Latest government proposals for a new points regime yet again show a total misunderstanding of speed dangers. The proposals are for higher points to be given for greater excesses of the speed limit. What the proposals fail to recognise is that the amount a driver exceeds a limit by is not the crucial issue. What matters is how much fast he/she is driving in relation to the road conditions at the time.
ABD Road Safety Spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie explained:
"A driver travelling at 45mph on an empty road at 2am could be causing far less danger than one doing 35mph at a busy time, perhaps past a school or in a shopping area, yet under these new proposals the former driver will be severely punished whilst the latter will have his penalty reduced". He continued "The same applies to a driver travelling at 100mph on a quiet motorway. Compared to a driver doing 70mph in fog or spray — he may be infinitely safer yet he will recieve six points whilst the dangerous driver will not even be reprimanded. It's an absolute nonsense".
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"This latest fiasco reminds us how urgently the government needs to sack the social engineers who are creating these daft ideas and replace them with road safety experts, perhaps from a traffic policing background. Then perhaps we could begin to get a speed enforcement regime that would be focused on safety and bear relation to danger caused by the offender rather than being based upon irrelevant numerical values".
The ABD believes these new proposals will lead to a further erosion of road safety in the UK. It will increase the belief that drivers should rely on numerical values to set their speed and will not encourage them in the vital task of setting their speeds to safe levels for the conditions, a skill that all drivers need to perfect yet one that this government seems to have no comprehension of whatsoever.


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