London, 8 Oct 2004.
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Don't Cross Near Cameras Says Road Safety Group
National road safety group the Association of British Drivers today urged pedestrians to take extra care when crossing the road near speed cameras.
As cameras positively encourage drivers to pay more attention to their speedometers instead of the road ahead, the ABD believes that drivers will be less able to respond to dangers in the road ahead — regardless of their speed. Consequently, the ABD believes that crossing the road at camera sites may actually be more dangerous than at many other locations.
"We know that cameras are a major distraction for drivers — as they approach the camera site, they look away from the road ahead and check the speedo", says Mark McArthur-Christie, the ABD's Road Safety Spokesman, "The problem is, because of the threat of prosecution, many drivers don't just glance they stare taking their eyes off the road and the hazards ahead". The ABD believes this puts the lives of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users in danger.
Rather than focusing on a numerical speed, the ABD believes that it would be far better for drivers' attention to be focussed on the road and hazards ahead.
McArthur-Christie continues "We believe that the Government has done insufficient research into this potentially very dangerous aspect of speed cameras, and we need to investigate before the death toll on the roads rises even further".
Until such more information becomes available about the distraction effects of cameras is available, the ABD warns pedestrians to ensure that they avoid crossing near speed cameras.

The A470 on the outskirts of Cardiff.

Gatso speed camera on the A6 at High Lane, Stockport. Fatal accident occured 16th Dec 2003.


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