London, 7 Dec 2004.
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ABD Demands End to Britain's Self Inflicted Parking Nightmare
Lack of parking spaces orchestrated "Quite deliberately"
Recent news items have highlighted how Britain's parking nightmare has been deliberately made worse by the Government, in an attempt to force drivers out of their cars.
Because of the influence of a well-documented network of anti-car pressure groups, the Government has adopted this approach and is progressively making parking more inconvenient and expensive. Transport 2000, a campaign group funded largely by bus companies, has openly stated that if you "take away the parking space at the end of the journey, you take away the car journey."
"Some parking restrictions are necessary in congested city centres to ensure that limited space is shared fairly," said the ABD's Nigel Humphries. "But deliberately creating a parking nightmare to stop people from using or even owning cars is a different matter. It's an abuse of power, and a betrayal of the electorate, who have a right to expect their government to make things better, not deliberately worse."
There are two main ways in which parking is being curtailed:
These two strands — planning and 'decriminalised' parking enforcement — are creating a parking nightmare. Parking spaces at homes and offices should be maximised and on-street restrictions should be fair and reasonable.
Humphries concludes
"It's vital that travellers can use the best tool for the job — whether it's a car, a pedal cycle a motorbike or a bus. Increasing parking restrictions and hard-line enforcement simply makes life unpleasant for everyone. People need to be able to travel freely and efficiently — restricting where they can park is not going to achieve this end."


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