London, 24 Feb 2005.
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Drivers Urged to Have Their Say in Local Transport Planning
The Association of British Drivers calls on car users to get involved in choosing the policies that affect them.

The first Local Transport Plans (LTPs) came into effect in 2000 and are nearing the end of their 5-year lives. Local highway authorities (county councils and unitary councils) are now producing new LTPs, which will set their transport policies for the next five years.
The new transport plans are to be drawn up in consultation with local communities and must be submitted to the government by the end of July. It is vital that car users — including passengers as well as drivers — get involved in the consultation process, to ensure that balanced policies are adopted.
As ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries explains:
"While councils have to work within the overall strategy set by central government, there is still scope to influence local policies in favour of the transport mode that is the preferred choice of most people: the car. It would be all too easy for unrepresentative, anti-car organisations to have excessive influence on the shape of LTPs if, through apathy, we let them."
Humphries continues:
"The ABD urges anyone concerned about transport issues in their area to find out from their local council what the timetable for consultation is and how the council intends to go about it. This information can often be found on a council`s website or from an information desk. They should then contact the council to register their interest in being involved in the consultation."


Notes for Editors

More information on guidance to local authorities about the LTP process is available on the Department for Transport website at: