London, 12 Apr 2005.
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Freedom, flexibility and affordability — which party will offer the UK the transport choices it so badly needs?
The ABD today called on political parties to put transport issues at the centre of their manifestos.
Mark McArthur-Christie, an ABD spokesman said "There`s a real lack of joined-up thinking in transport. Councils remove parking spaces and increase parking costs but they don`t offer alternatives. Sadly, drivers have simply become regarded by local authorities as a source of easy cash not travellers who need to get around to do their jobs, see their friends and visit their families.
Increasing taxes on car use have not made cities and towns any more pleasant or any less polluted. At the same time, the cost of using public transport has risen by 34% (coach and bus fares) and 36% for rail fares since 1980.
Many transport 'initiatives' focus on promoting public transport over personal alternatives. Public transport alternatives to the car are, to quote the Audit Commission`s report 'All Aboard', "expensive, unreliable and do not go where people want to go."
Mark concludes "Modern lifestyles need far greater flexibility. We badly need a government that will promote a 'tool for the job' approach, rather than just taxing and restricting car use.
As an alternative, the ABD offers a simple 3 point manifesto:
We urge voters to ask the candidates on their doorsteps how they will bring about freedom, flexibility and affordability in transport."


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