London, 26 Apr 2005.
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Fuel Taxes Bigger Burden Than Council Tax For Many
The ABD have produced a ready reckoner to remind voters just how much they are paying in fuel taxes, this can be found at where drivers can enter their average mileage and MPG of their vehicle to see just how much they are paying per month to the treasury.
The average driver travelling 12,000 miles per year in a car achieving 30MPG will pay around £120 per month in direct fuel taxation. That's bad enough, however many families with two drivers or doing higher than average mileages can easily be paying more in direct fuel taxes than in council tax - sometimes even more than their mortgage payments.
But direct fuel taxes are only half the story, the hidden cost is far higher still warns ABD Chairman Brian Gregory:
"Everything we buy and all services we use involve road travel and the cost of all goods and services are affected greatly by the extortionate rates of fuel duty. 80% of the purchase price of all fuel goes to the treasury. Every time a tradesman visits your home, much of what he charges you will be going to the treasury. Every item you buy in a shop, likewise."
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries urges voters to make sure to voice their concerns over extortionate fuel taxes:
"Even those who don't drive are indirectly parting with huge amounts of money through this stealth tax, yet many probably don't realise it. It's stifling the British economy and pushing pensioners and those on lower incomes into poverty. It would not be so bad but of approximately 42 billion taken by the government in road tax each year, only around 6 billion gets reinvested in our crumbling transport system."


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