London, 29 July 2005.
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DVLA 'Loses' a Third of Britain's Cars
The DVLA today revealed the shocking news that almost a third of car registration documents are incorrect. They have launched a campaign to get drivers to correct their documents, giving the reason that they want drivers to receive product recalls for vehicle defects.
The ABD have long been warning of an increase in the number of drivers falsely registering their vehicles due to the threats posed by speed cameras to their licences, parking enforcement greed and congestion charging.
ABD chairman Brian Gregory said:
“This is a thinly veiled attempt by the government to recapture some of the lost revenue from camera, parking and congestion charge fines. I doubt it will fool many. If the government are serious about getting drivers back on board and complying they must look seriously at ending their war on the motorist. Instead they are proposing more charges in the form of road pricing.”
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
“With the current climate of serious security threats it is truly frightening that the govermnent have allowed things to get to the stage where they cannot identify the owners of 32% of cars on our roads. They have spent a fortune on cameras and number plate recognition systems which is totally wasted, only those who legally register their cars have anything to fear whilst terrorists and other criminals can move about the country undetected by such measures. According to a report in Auto Express police officers even turn off number plate recognition systems (ANPR) because of the number of false or useless positive 'hits' the system flags up, resulting in innocent motorists being pulled over.”



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