London, 7 Aug 2005.
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Hidden Study Shows Speed Cameras Useless In Motorway Roadworks
A study published by the Transport Research laboratory, but not released to the public, has found that speed cameras do not make roadworks safer — for either workers or drivers. The news comes soon after road safety group, the Association of British Drivers discovered that speeding is not a significant cause of motorway crashes.
The study, published in 2004 but not publicised or promoted shows clearly that "No significant difference was observed in the accident rate for sites with and without speed cameras." In other words, speed cameras do not save lives in roadworks.
The report was exposed using the Freedom of Information Act, by SafeSpeed's Paul Smith. It comes after the Association of British Drivers discovered data showing that driver inattention, not speed, was the lead cause of motorway crashes.
Mark McArthur-Christie, the ABD's Road Safety Spokesman commented
"Here is yet more data dug out using the FoI Act showing that cameras do not save lives and that speed is not a major cause of crashes. How much more do we need to see before the camera partnerships are disbanded and we can return to effective road safety policies?"
Brian Gregory, the ABD's Chairman, said
"This is rapidly becoming a farce. Time and again we have to drag information out of camera partnerships — damaging information they'd rather keep in the dark. There is a culture of spin and secrecy that hides the true causes of crashes and the total lack of effectiveness of speed cameras from the public. It's time the Partnerships were made accountable."


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