London, 3 Nov 2005.
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Camera Partnership “Crash Stand” Accused of Shroud Waving and Commercial Insensitivity
Road safety group the Association of British Drivers today condemned the West Midlands Safety Camera Partnershipís "Crash" stand at the NEC International Motorcycle Show. The Partnershipís stand, prominent in the exhibition hall, shows the wreckage of a crashed and mangled Ducati motorcycle, the injured riderís leathers at one side, with smoke and fire effects.
The ABD believes that recreating a motorcycle crash at an event that is, above all, a celebration of motorcycling is both personally and commercially insensitive. Mark McArthur-Christie is the ABDís Road Safety Spokesman, an IAM-qualified rider and a BMW R1150GS rider. He commented
"Weíre used to crass insensitivity from camera partnerships, but this is simple, sensationalist shroud-waving. How are bikers going to feel who have lost friends in crashes when they see the wreck of a motorcycle, billowing smoke? How are riders who have been injured going to feel? Of course, the speed camera partnership will say they are simply trying to make an impact, but this goes way beyond that. Itís utterly inappropriate."

The ABD is also concerned about the damage a stand like this may do to the motorcycling industry. Thousands of new riders visit the International Motorcycling Show, often taking their partners to show them their dream bike. McArthur-Christie comments
"Imagine the reaction of a riderís partner, enjoying a day out and walking amongst the stands. They suddenly come upon a wrecked bike in pieces, on its side, belching smoke. Are they going to be happy to see their loved one buying a bike? Encourage them to ride and get trained? I donít think so."

The ABD was interested to see that the rather smaller Bikesafe stand, where riders are encouraged to take life-saving motorcycle training, had no need to resort to sensationalist stunts. McArthur-Christie concluded
"It's a crying shame that a worthwhile, vital organisation like Bikesafe doesn't have the bottomless pit of funding that the camera partnerships enjoy. It's clear to us which group understands more about saving lives."



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