London, 11 Nov 2005.
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Darling's Plan Gets the Green Light
A plan for vehicles to use alternative fuels such as quality gasohol and biodiesel is supported by the Association of British Drivers.
Many cars are currently able to operate with a percentage of bio-ethanol in their fuel supply and if sufficient outlets with quality gasohol and biodiesel were available there is no reason why this usage should not increase.
Curiously the idea has been attacked by so-called environmentalists (1). Some conservationists claim that the destruction of the world's rainforests will be hastened by such a government pledge to ensure that five per cent of fuel should come from "green" sources.
"It's very likely that growing biofuel crops could provide many benefits to the world's poorest inhabitants while reducing our dependence on existing fuels" said Ben Adams, ABD Environment Spokesman.
(1) Daily Telegraph 11 Nov 2005


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