London, 17 Jan 2005.
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Palin's Hypocrisy Typical of Environmentalist Movement Claims ABD
According to the Times, Michael Palin is being pushed out of anti-car extremist group 'Transport 2000' as his flights around the world are responsible for pollution.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory suggests:
"It is unfortunately typical of many 'environmentalists' that they are so busy preaching at the rest of us not to use our cars, they conveniently overlook the fact that their lifestyle choices are all too often more polluting and inefficient than those who choose to use their car.
The modern car is extremely clean and efficient yet 'environmentalists' are often happy to use highly polluting buses, taxis, trains and trams which, except on the rare occasions when they are full to capacity are often far less efficient than the same journey taken by car. They want to flood our roads with these inefficient vehicles yet the more frequent and extensive the service, the more empty polluting monsters end up trundling around the country."
ABD Environment spokesman Ben Adams said:
"The debate about man made global warming is not settled. There is no consensus that emission of carbon dioxide is the force that drives climate change (1), if anything the sceptical view prevails (2). Any self-proclaimed environmentalists who really believe their own propaganda should set an example and refuse to use energy inefficient and polluting public transport. Also as more carbon dioxide is emitted by buildings than cars, one would expect these people who want to force austere changes on our lifestyles to live in very modest energy efficient houses and desist from journeys except for the most critical and fundamental reasons. The opposite is usually the case, as with Michael Palin. Fortunately for the rest of us, as their arguments are not supported by the vast majority of objective evidence (3) we need not live in a tent, or walk and swim to our holiday destinations.
Palin undoubtedly now realises that the organization he has been supporting for many years is run by extremists who do not live in the real world, and who wish to return society to the Middle Ages."

(see Caillon et al)



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