London, 9 Mar 2006.
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Does Your Breakdown Company Support You?
According to the latest shock survey by the Association of British Drivers, some of the companies most relied upon by drivers may actually be campaigning against them! The UK's leading driver group has looked into the policies of the key breakdown organisations and discovered that many: Because many breakdown companies are now part of much larger businesses, financial interests can become more important than representing their members' views. ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries explains:
"Many drivers don't realise that by joining a breakdown organisation, they are effectively supporting the views of that organisation. Breakdown organisations have great influence and some of the leading ones are regularly consulted as 'the motorist's voice' by government and the media. Drivers need to check out the views of their chosen organisation to make sure they are not supporting something they don't agree with."
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory commented:
"Breakdown organisations are often part of huge corporations, many of which may have vested interests in toeing the government line. Some may even have vested interests in promoting the technologies being rolled out nationwide. The ABD is not aware of any truly independent breakdown organisations. The Association of British Drivers and Safespeed, though not involved in vehicle recovery, are the only truly independent voices of the driver. We urge any members disagreeing with the policies of their breakdown organisation to make their views known to the company — if they receive no joy they should consider switching."


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