London, 30 Mar 2006.
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233 More Cameras for the UK's Roads is Bad News for Road Safety
News reports today suggest that the Department for Transport has allowed local speed camera partnerships to erect more than two hundred new speed cameras. The ABD believes this move is symptomatic of the DfT still failing to understand what causes crashes and take action.
Director of Policy, Mark McArthur-Christie, said,
"With road safety failing to improve we desperately need to move away from this one-track road safety policy. We have a system which appears to believe a new speed limit enforced by a camera is the answer to all our road safety problems. I only wish it was that simple — the causes of crashes certainly aren't."
The ABD believes that road safety policy needs to move away from increasingly hardline enforcement of posted speed limits and towards training and educating drivers in all aspects of roadcraft.


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