London, 10 May 2006.
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Press Release

Separate Control of Public and Private Transport
Following the news that Transport for London seeks to ban vehicles more than 8 years old entering London, the ABD calls for control of public and private transport to be separated.

ABD Environment Spokesman Ben Adams explained:
"When bodies such as TFL control the whole system it creates a vested interest for them to take away choice and force members of the public onto the public transport which is providing their income. London's drivers have seen this over recent years as their car use has been hindered by obstruction and removal of road space. This latest attack will mean exclusion for the less well off and further exacerbate the economic and social harm already caused by the congestion charge. Those who cannot afford newer cars will have no choice but to make a transport choice that may well be highly inefficient for their needs. Public transport is simply not a practicable choice for many journeys, even those that use it often need to use a car for some journeys. TFL have a history of making life difficult for drivers whilst not improving choice. Good public transport will naturally attract users, enforced use by penalising the alternatives is not the way to go."
Adams continued:
"Transport Research Laboratory report TRL 431 studied this issue and concluded that restrictions on cars are not warranted on air quality grounds. The vast majority of cars in London will be less than eight years old already, many cars built before this are quite clean, catalytic converters became standard fitment some 13 years ago. The amount of pollution caused by the naturally declining number of older cars doing ever decreasing mileages is so minute as to be insignificant."


Notes for Editors

Footnote: The original version of this PR as distributed to the press contained a reference to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The SMMT have advised us that the original story in Auto Express was inaccurate, and that they do not support the idea of banning cars over eight years old from the London Emissions Zone. The ABD apologises for any misunderstanding.