London, 27 Jun 2006.
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ABD Welcomes £15 Million Boost for Children's Cycling
But Questions Where Extra Money Will be Spent
Today's announcement of an extra 15 million pounds for improved cycling facilities is very welcome. In particular the ABD approves of the incentive to provide cycling proficiency lessons for 100,000 children. Mark McArthur-Christie, the ABD's Policy Director who uses a bicycle as his main mode of transport, said:
"The ABD campaigns strongly for better education of all road users and the cycling proficiency test is a great place to start an education for youngsters that will not only help them stay safe when cycling but should provide them with a sound basic knowledge that will help them throughout their road use career. It needs to be followed up in their teens with some basic driver training as part of the national curriculum to see youngsters into their early driving or motorcycling career."
However, the ABD urges caution as to where the remainder of the money is spent. ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
"Too many times we see money frittered away by local authorities on pointless schemes which nobody uses such as cycle tracks around roundabouts where cyclists are expected to give way at every intersection."
Humphries continued:
"The idea of 'Safe Routes to school is fundamentally sound but all to often councils fail to implement useful measures, instead concentrating on red tarmac and lots of pointless signage whilst ignoring simple measures like providing good surfaces right to the edge of roads and enabling drivers to see cyclists by cutting back hedging etc to allow good sightlines."
The ABD has also in the past called for more driver education on how to watch out for Cyclists, Horse riders and pedestrians.
The Warrington Cycle Campaign's website features photographs of some more poorly thought-out cycle schemes:


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