London, 11 Oct 2006.
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New Road Safety Bill Has No Limits
MP's to vote on new Road Safety Bill containing graduated fixed speeding penalties despite thresholds being undecided

The final reading of the Road Safety Bill takes place on Monday 9th October. Astonishingly, MP's will be asked to vote on a bill that includes graduated fixed penalties for speeding without any knowledge of what the speed thresholds will be. Police speed measurement equipment is only required to be accurate to within plus or minus 2 mph and vehicle speedometers are required by law to be accurate within 10 per cent. Current ACPO guidelines allow for a speed measurement margin of error of 10 per cent plus 2 mph for prosecution.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"Originally, the proposal was that 45 mph in a 30 mph limit would result in 3 penalty points, with 6 points for 46 mph or higher. Clearly speed measurement is not accurate enough to implement a 1 mph difference between thresholds. It is absurd that MP's are being asked to vote for a bill without knowing what the threshold for 6 penalty points will be."


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