London, 15 Oct 2006.
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Speed Enforcement — As Socially Acceptable as Drink Driving
Following an undercover sting in which reporters discussed speed enforcement equipment and tactics with an ex police officer and former camera partnership manager, it now appears that: ABD Chairman Brian Gregory comments:
"This report in The Mail on Sunday (1) alleges that the serious concerns motorists have had were right all along. If so this is nothing but greedy empire building using greed cameras. Safety and justice are out of the window, replaced by business plans."
"Road users have been victimised but road safety is the real victim, the number of people killed on our roads has virtually stalled since the start of officialdom's obsession with speed. This scandalous red herring revenue raiser approach must now be abolished. Our country must see a return to proven road safety principles, and soon. Speed enforcement is now as socially acceptable as drink driving. Heads must roll."


(1) Mail on Sunday article

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