London, 29 Oct 2006.
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Stern Review is 'Trick or Treat' Says the ABD
The 700 page Stern Review on the economics of climate change is appropriately published on 30th October, the day before Halloween.

Ghoulish claims are made about the impacts of the harmless plant food gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) on the climate and the economy. Such claims are tempered with weasel words such as if, could, maybe and possibly.
Science tells us that carbon dioxide can theoretically raise global average temperatures by less than 1 degree Celsius. Higher temperatures would require a boost from increased atmospheric water vapour (the main greenhouse gas). This additional water vapour and the resulting rise in temperature only exist in flawed computer climate models.
ABD spokesman Paul Biggs comments, "Despite efforts by the global warming mafia to suppress them, many studies show that the planet has been warmer than today during the Holocene Maximum around 7000 years ago, the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods without any intervention from mankind.
Today's modest warming is totally ordinary in both extent and rate. Without fail, cooling has followed each period of warming. Indeed, the modern climate represents a recovery from the Little Ice Age, corresponding to solar eruptivity between 1645-1715*. A growing number of scientists are predicting similar low levels of solar activity, with climate cooling starting around 2012.
The Lords Select Committee report 'The Economics of Climate Change' has already warned governments of accepting at face value information pollution from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), reminding us of some home truths; that: ABD Environment Spokesman Ben Adams concludes,
"The ABD believes that tax policies based on disreputable computer models are the real threat to mobility, livelihoods, health and the economy.
King Canute-style energy taxes will restrict enterprise and growth for no valid reason. Regressive and futile carbon taxation will affect the poorer sectors of society.
Fortunately, when any politician promises to control the climate in return for higher car taxes or energy levies, they engineer laughter at such a ridiculous notion."

Notes for Editors:
* "Maunder Minimum". Furthermore, the recent experiment by Henrik Svensmark et al provides further support for the solar influenced cosmic ray connection being the cause of today's portion of the 4.7 billion year old phenomenon known as natural climate change. Climatologists to date have been focusing mostly on solar brightness changes due to sunspots, not the impact of solar eruptivity on the solar wind and cosmic rays, which affect cloud formation and climate."
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Notes for Editors