London, 3 Dec 2006.
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Miliband admits The Inconvenient Truth
Environment Minister Mr Miliband was shaken by public opposition to 'green' taxes and futile unilateral carbon reduction policies on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show (Tuesday 28th November).

Caller after caller lambasted yet more taxation in the false name of climate control using the UK 's minuscule 2% contribution to global emissions. Callers made the point that climate constantly changes and there's nothing we can do about it.
David Miliband was forced to admit that without the cooperation of likes of China, India, and the USA there would be little or no reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions. He went on to say that even if the UK reduced emissions to zero; they would be replaced by China 'within a couple of years.' This is probably an overestimate of the time required to render absolutely pointless anything and everything we could do.
As he stumbled through the interview, Miliband displayed a complete lack of understanding of the past 10,000 years of climate change since the last ice age, repeating the scientifically unfounded Gulf Stream 'slowing down' scare recently debunked in the journal Science. He even suggested that planning laws should be changed in order to block objections to the faddy domestic wind turbines which even Friends of the Earth regard as pointless, and extolled the virtues of a second currency in the form of a 'carbon points card,' which would effectively introduce a Soviet style society via the back door.
When pressed about his own carbon emissions he announced that he had travelled to the studios in a Hybrid car, oblivious to the fact that its life cycle carbon emissions are 40% higher than a 4x4 Hummer H3.
ABD Environment spokesman Ben Adams continues,
"Several of those now in government called for unilateral nuclear disarmament in their CND days. The argument was that if we took the first step, then the Soviet Union would follow suit. What nonsense that has turned out to be, they couldn't have got it more wrong, and thank goodness they failed. Now they're trying the same trick by asking us to agree to unilateral economic destruction — supplemented by lifestyle totalitarianism and forced redistribution of wealth via carbon credits. They naively hope that developing nations will develop carbon envy and follow suit, a risible notion. At the same time they subsidise hundreds of coal fired power stations in Asia using our taxes. Do these politicians expect to be taken seriously? If so, their self-delusion goes beyond swallowing the information pollution of ecoclaptrap. Miliband must think again."

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Report from CNW Marketing Research Inc: the energy cost per mile of a Hummer H3 4x4, in terms of dust-to-dust energyconsumption & allied carbon emissions, is 40% lower than the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid


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