London, 5 Dec 2006.
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Pre-Budget Statement: Green or Brown?
Clean family cars could be attacked in another WMD war based on sexed up eco-dossiers.

The same Government that brought us the war on Iraq, justified by non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, now plans another futile and costly war on climate change justified by computer modelled Weather of Mass Destruction.
ABD spokesman Paul Biggs comments,
"We strongly urge Gordon Brown to resist temptation, by refusing to impose further unjustified VED or other tax increases on family cars, including estates, people carriers and 4x4's. Over 4 billion years of cyclical warming and cooling have not been driven by cars or carbon dioxide. The UK should not become the first unilateral economic Lemming over the climate control cliff. No sexed up report from the EU or indeed the UK can overturn a lack of credible data, regardless of what computer GIGO may say."
The ABD continues to campaign for policies based on objective rather than politicised science, and makes the following points: ABD Environment spokesman Ben Adams concludes,
"Once, we were told we had only 45 minutes warning of WMD in the hands of a terrorist enemy. Now we have been told we only have 10 to 15 years to deal with the latest WMD — weather of mass destruction — which we are also told is conveniently in the hands of the EU's politicians. Both of these scare stories represent febrile inventions based on politicised information. In fact, when any politician tells you that they will control the climate if you pay them more motoring taxes, the only realistic response is to laugh out loud."


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