London, 6 Jan 2007.
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No More Excuses — Raise The Motorway Speed Limit Now!
The Association of British Drivers calls for the motorway speed limit to be raised to 80mph immediately, following the publication of a report by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) on a speed limit strategy for trunk roads and motorways[1].
In its report for the Highways Agency, which is responsible for the country's major road network, TRL has calculated 'target' average speeds at which vehicles incur the lowest overall costs per kilometre. This target speed is calculated to be 78mph for motorways, the point at which benefits from reduced journey times are in balance with fuel and accident costs. Even at 90mph, TRL estimate that overall costs would be less than 4 per cent higher than at 78mph.
ABD Policy Director, Mark McArthur-Christie comments:
"The 70mph speed limit has been with us for over 40 years and this report from TRL clearly shows that it is well past its sell-by date. With 57 per cent of car drivers routinely breaking this archaic limit, there can be no more excuses for refusing to raise the limit to 80mph immediately, in line with most European countries."


[1] TRL Published Project Report PPR173. Development of a speed limit strategy for the Highways Agency - Proposed Strategy.
The ABD's submission for the raising of the motorway speed limit (2005)

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