London, 20 Jan 2007.
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ABD Member's Petition Against Road Pricing Passes HALF A MILLION Signatures
The petition against road pricing, set up by Shropshire ABD member Peter Roberts on the Prime Minister's website, today passed half a million signatures having more than doubled in only eight days.(1)

This means that the petition currently has nearly twenty-five times as many signatures as the next most popular petition on the list(2), and more than twice as many signatures as the next four hundred put together.(3)
The ABD's Director of Policy, Mark McArthur-Christie, said "The issue of road pricing and vehicle tracking is clearly one of the most important to the British public, and they seem to be vehemently opposed to the idea". He added "The petition has another thirty days to run, so it will be interesting to see what the final figure is".


(1) Total number of signatures at 3pm on January 11th, 250,342. Total number of signatures at 4pm on January 19th, over 508,000.
(2) "Repeal the Hunting Act 2004", started by Nick Onslow FRES, had 20,484 signatures at 4pm on January 19th.
(3) Petitions 2-401 inclusive totalled 250,301 at 4pm on January 19th. The remaining 1600 petitions totalled around 8,000.

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