London, 29 Jan 2007.
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600,000 People Sign Road Pricing Petition
The petition against road pricing, set up by Shropshire ABD member Peter Roberts on the Prime Minister's website (1), has now been signed by over 600,000 people, dwarfing all other petitions.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has previously stated (2) that
"Doing nothing is not an option. Doing nothing means that in 10 years, congestion will be 25 per cent worse."
Whilst the ABD disputes the figure of 25% which Mr Blair seems to have conjured up out of thin air, we wholeheartedly agree that doing nothing is not an option.
Let us first examine what Mr Blair's government have done in the past to "reduce" congestion: So, Mr Blair intentionally makes congestion worse, then tells us we have to have a road pricing scheme 'to solve the problem'. He obviously thinks the British public is stupid. So far, over 600,000 people have pointed out to him that they are not.
The ABD has many proposals for constructive ways of reducing congestion, including: The ABD's Director of Policy, Mark McArthur-Christie, said
"The issue of road pricing and vehicle tracking is clearly one of the most important to the British public, and they seem to be vehemently opposed to the idea. The petition runs until the 20th of February, and continues to grow by thousands of signatures each day. If the prime minister decides to ignore the wishes of such a large number of people, he will regret it at the ballot box."



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