London, 3 Feb 2007.
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Road Charging Will Hit Rural Communities Hard
Rural communities have the most to lose from road charging, warns the ABD

Our major road system after decades of neglect suffers from severe congestion. Under road charging plans being pushed by the government congested roads will be charged the most. It therefore inevitably follows that drivers will seek to avoid these charges by taking alternative routes along country lanes and through smaller towns and villages.
The ABD warns rural communities and vulnerable road users such as walkers, cyclists and horse riders to speak out now against road charging proposals before these plans are forced through.
ABD policy director Mark McArthur-Christie explained:
"Road charging will be levied at its highest on the most congested roads. It will be impossible for drivers to know if a road is congested until they are on it, sitting in a traffic jam with no escape route whilst the black box in their car clocks up pound signs for the chancellor.
Many will not wish to take the risk and will of course seek alternative routes. Unfortunately for villagers and users of quiet country lanes, these will very often be the routes they seek out causing a massive increase in traffic levels."
The ABD urges members of rural communities who may be affected to join the 645,000 who have already signed the petition against road charging at


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