London, 2 Mar 2007.
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The Great Global Warming Swindle
Channel 4, Thursday 8th March, 9pm

As suggested by the apt title, this programme — essential viewing for politicians, teachers, motorists and the entire transport sector, grass roots environmentalists and all 'True Believers' in man-made climate change — will reveal and confirm: and therefore It is confidently anticipated that the environment industry will be apoplectic that such a factually accurate programme could be screened in the current socially engineered atmosphere, where disagreement and dissent are described as heresy and denial, where those who prefer data to mythology and so disagree with the politically correct view are vilified, and where influential political and scientific institutions plus sections of the media outrageously seek to stifle debate and impose a counter-science culture by diktat.
ABD Chairman, Brian Gregory, commented:
"Clearly, the C4 programme is in fact essential viewing for every man and woman in the country. Its makers are to be congratulated. Following this demolition of man-made global warming theory — described by climatologist Dr Timothy Ball as 'the greatest deception in the history of science' — we must never again allow science to be politicised and suborned.
We now have an opportunity, an open door, for many of the green myths to be exploded. The transport sector has suffered as a result of many such myths, the truth is now out there."


1. Channel 4 — The Great Global Warming Swindle

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