London, 8 Mar 2007.
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An Inconvenient Documentary
Watch Channel 4's 'The Great Global Warming Swindle,' 9pm, 8th March and help end 'Global Goreing'

The high priest of the man made global warming movement, Al Gore, has fallen from grace with the revelation that he is using more electricity and gas in a month than the average American household uses in a year. While science would indicate that this is no particular cause for concern it is somewhat strange behaviour for a man on a religious quest based around a fear of carbon dioxide. It also turns out that Mr. Gore's own investment company pays to offset the energy use of its operations and the personal emissions of its 23 employees, including Gore. Furthermore, science has demolished his Oscar winning film 'An Inconvenient Truth' leaving it looking like little more than a third rate science fiction movie.
At 9pm on Thursday 8th March, Channel 4 television is going to hammer another nail into the coffin of man-made global warming when scientists working in this area discuss some of the latest research and scientific evidence relating to climate change. While this science is well known to many in the field it will be presented to the British public so they can see beyond the religious fervour of the likes of Al Gore and appreciate what the science actually says. These scientists will not be telling us that we are all doomed.
The IPCC claims that over 2000 scientists were involved in their recent political summary but what it fails to detail is exactly how many of these scientists actually agreed with its conclusions. On Friday 9th March, Roger Pielke Senior, a highly respected climate scientist who has published over 320 peer reviewed papers since 1970, will reveal how few scientists actually write the IPCC report.
ABD environment spokesman Ben Adams commented,
"Climate change has always happened and always will. We must put measures in place to deal with it but we need not fear that we are causing it. Our next concern must be the high probability of significant global cooling."
ABD spokesman Paul Biggs said,
"Global warming scaremongering means that drivers are threatened with more taxes and restrictions, yet some of the scaremongers enjoy a lifestyle the rest of us can only dream of. This is a real 'inconvenient truth.'"


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