London, 11 March 2007.
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Second Chance to see
"The Great Global Warming Swindle"
The second screening of Wag TV's revelatory and revolutionary documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" takes place on Monday the 12th of March at 10pm on More 4.
This is essential viewing and will allow its audience to discover that, in spite of shrill hyperbole from environmentalists, lifestyle fascists, and politicians in thrall at the amount of social engineering and tax revenue available from this quackery, mankind is not destroying the planet after all, as current climate change is modest and natural.
Consequently we can sleep easy in our thermally insulated centrally heated homes, and drive guilt-free in our highly taxed cars, while the third world can and should develop and not be held in medieval lifestyles through fears engineered by the irrational demonisation of plant food gas, carbon dioxide.
This compelling account of the biggest con-trick ever perpetrated on humanity in the name of junk science - the con-trick otherwise known as man-made global warming theory - features a series of eminent international award winning scientists from the fields of climatology, oceanography, geology, biogeography, astrophysics and polar research, as well as the former leader of Greenpeace Dr Patrick Moore who describes the global warming industry as 'anti-human'.
The myth that there is an overwhelming scientific consensus on this issue, and that anyone daring to hold an opposite viewpoint must be a fringe eccentric in the pay of Big-Oil, is also blown apart as the array of scientists, including IPCC contributors, point out the scientific fallacies and political collusion involved in this shameful duplicity.
As the programme indicates: "it's not's not's propaganda...we're just being told lies".
Given that the scientific content also destroys any reputation that remained surrounding Al Gore's quackumentary 'An inconvenient Truth', it is only right and in the interest of balance that all companies and schools currently intending to show the Gore movie to their employees or pupils, must then show The Great Global Warming Swindle to prevent any chance of misrepresentation or bias.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory comments:
"Given the calibre of the scientists speaking in this documentary and the demonstrable validity of their conclusions, we can expect the global warming industry and its supporters to resort to the only tactic left to them — ad hominem attacks involving attempts to smear those involved in making the programme. This is to be expected but will be recognised for what it is — an admission that the real argument has been lost. The contents and contributors remain as the calm voice of reason in a world where this topic is now 'beyond reason'."


The documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" can be obtained on DVD from Wag TV
More4 is available on:
• Freeview - Channel 13
• Virgin - Channel 142
• Sky - Channel 142 (as part of a basic package)
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