London, 13 Mar 2007.
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Miliband "Head in the Sand" on Climate Change Science
Live on air this morning, David Miliband was asked what he thought of the Channel 4 programme "The Great Global Warming Swindle".

Miliband said he hadn't seen the programme, and 'wasn't the right person to comment as he had a Grade D in A level physics' but that we should all trust the '2500 eminent scientists who wrote the IPCC report.' He then suggested he would issue a blog debunking the arguments put forward in the Channel 4 documentary.
A government minister adopting the Ostrich Position shows we have a Kremlinesque approach to government, where the result is known before the event. Miliband's response to serious public concerns over political hijacking of modest natural climate change only illustrates how well founded these concerns are. Such an arrogant fixed-menu response is unacceptable. Miliband cannot possibly know whether he can answer the programme's valid content as he has not seen it, his response is one from somebody with great faith in a vast spin machine - which is part of the problem not the solution to it.
There is also a degree of ignorance on display concerning the IPCC, which has only to date published the 'Summary for Policymakers' of its 4th Assessment, a document for politicians and the media written by a small number — approximately 20 people — and it would be highly informative to see a list of their names and qualifications including their Physics Grade since the the full report will be amended to be consistent with the politicised Summary.
The myth that there is universal agreement among IPCC scientists is part of the content of the C4 programme that Miliband says he can debunk, sight unseen. Yet one of the scientists featured had to threaten legal action to get his name removed from an IPCC report with which he disagreed, and others (including hurricane expert Dr Chris Landsea) have resigned on principle, in protest against a politicised IPCC which, as Landsea pointed out, operates on pre-conceived agendas using unsound science. As one IPCC Lead Author has confirmed, there is disagreement in every chapter of IPCC Reports. We must also ask, has Miliband read the Summary for Policymakers or is his agreement with its contents also pre-ordained?
Meanwhile motorists and businesses continue to pay extortionate ecotaxes, totalling close to £40 billion annually on the basis of a myth, and in return what we get is a smug spin machine which thinks it can overcome serious public concerns by the recycling of ecohype on a Grade D blog. The planet is safe, but clearly the British electorate remains at severe risk from information pollution.


The documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" can be obtained on DVD from Wag TV

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