20 Mar 2007.
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Shhh! Don't mention road pricing until after the May elections
I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it

Not quite. An article in The Times alleges Stephen Ladyman told an ex-New Labour colleague, now employed as a political lobbyist, that the controversial road pricing legislation has been delayed until after the May local elections, due to the support gained by the anti-road pricing petition. It is also claimed that Ladyman revealed that the Manchester road-charging scheme had been chosen to pilot the scheme 'once things have quietened down.'
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries commented,
"Clearly the government know that their road pricing policy is deeply unpopular, but they are determined to press ahead with regardless, whilst trying to minimise any electoral damage. We urge people to treat the May elections as a referendum on road pricing, and refuse to vote for any candidate that refuses to condemn this ruinous scheme."


Times article
Manchester Evening News — City 'will pilot c-charge'
Manchester's M60 ring road is already equipped for congestion charging, it is claimed.

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