7 Apr 2007.
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Climate Change Propaganda Exercise Part 2
IPCC 2007 Working Group II Report on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

In an unprecedented effort to make climate alarmism newsworthy throughout 2007, the second of 4 reports has been released (April). Just 21 scientists wrote the Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) on the science of climate change, published in February. May will see the release of the third part, which will focus on attempts to control the complex, non-linear climate system using a single small factor such as carbon dioxide. The final summary report will be released in November, after sufficient time for its contents to be amended, in order to be consistent with the political SPM document.
ABD Environment spokesman Ben Adams said:
"It is estimated that over $50 billion has been spent globally on climate research in the past 15 years, including largesse from governments keen to justify tax hikes and control mechanisms on enterprise and individual mobility, yet every research dollar spent by industry is criticised in a knee-jerk reaction. Who do they think will swallow this latest information pollution? The best evidence they can come up with to support man-made global warming includes flawed computer models, past rises in carbon dioxide lagging 800 years behind the rise in temperature, and trying unsuccessfully to correlate the modern temperature recovery from the depths of the Little Ice Age with post industrial revolution rises in carbon dioxide. This lack of success has been overcome so far by a vast and well funded spin machine. Yet it remains true that no human signal can be seen in the climate data against the background of natural variability."
ABD spokesman Paul Biggs comments,
"Computer modelled climate alarmism doesn't stand up to scrutiny by objective climate scientists. A new paper will shortly be published confirming the accuracy of the ineffectually maligned satellite data of Christy and Spencer showing surface warming is greater than the warming in the lower atmosphere, which contradicts and refutes climate models. Wild claims that a warmer climate will bring the extinction of a quarter of species ignore the fact that the likes of the Amazon basin has seen past reductions of the rainforest during ice ages, not hotter climates of the past. The expected natural global cooling arriving within 20 years will hopefully make pointless jobs in the climate change industry extinct."
The SPM was late to press, and as 01 April has passed perhaps this latest scaremongering missed a deadline in order to warm up some climate alarmism following the cooling off and back pedalling seen in the SPM. Given the mixed messages, political interference, and unsound science bemoaned by scientists inside and out, the ABD endorses suggestions from the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs for a complete overhaul of the structure and workings of the politicised UN IPCC before its PR machine runs out of exaggerated Armageddonist ecohype.


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