30 Apr 2007.
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Brunstrom Must Go
The ABD calls for the resignation of the Chief Constable of North Wales, following two serious errors of judgement, one of which North Wales Police have found it necessary to issue an apology for but for which Mr Brunstrom has shown no sign of apologising — that of the despicable use of a gory photographs of a decapitated motorcyclist's head without the consent of the deceased's relatives.
The second error of judgement was using this example to justify his speed camera regime at all: - According to news reports, the motorcyclist was riding on altered number plates with no licence or insurance, therefore he would have been immune to prosecution by Mr Brunstrom's cameras. If Brunstrom had focused on providing adequate traffic patrols instead of speed cameras, they might have had the opportunity to stop the motorcyclist and speak to him about his riding. Speed cameras were never going to save this man's life.
Coming after similar serious lapses of judgement, that have led local citizens and politicians to dispute his ability to discharge the office of Chief Constable, the only satisfactory outcome from the latest North Wales Police fiasco is for Mr Brunstrom to resign immediately.


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