2 May 2007.
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Information Pollution - It`s Official
As millions of motorised road users face increases in fuel duty, households face £500 or more in a 'green' tax on diminishing bin collections that will encourage vermin, and businesses continue to pay the risible 'climate change levy' to the spiritual successors of King Cnut, fresh attempts are being made to stifle any voice from outside the IPCC sphere of influence where acolytes remain cocooned in a micro-world of politicised privilege and largesse.
The latest double-speak, emitted by a group of 30 odd climate alarmists, concerns freedom of speech - which according to them isn't fully free, if you happen to disagree with the media-hyped doomsday view of man-made global warming. The Great Global Warming Swindle (TGGWS) a Wag TV documentary shown recently on C4 and More4, contained input from eminent scientists in fields such as climatology, oceanography, geology and biogeography, which formed a highly credible and convincing antidote to the content found in Al Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'. The attack on freedom of speech calls for the Wag TV documentary to be censored.
Incredibly, Gore's 'documentary' is to be sent to schools by the government — however, at the time of writing, parents in the New Forest are challenging the dissemination of the Al Gore film on the grounds of political indoctrination. Meanwhile scurrilous attempts to restrict the expression of alternative viewpoints are emerging, with green activists using a hastily synthesised get-out clause to the principle of freedom of speech that will convince nobody. It makes a change from the previously favoured tactic of ad hominem smears and attempted character attacks, but is just as empty and ineffective.
ABD Environment Spokesman Ben Adams comments
"The information pollution from officialdom and the hypocrisy in this transparently bogus attack on freedom of speech are breathtaking, even by the standards of the new green religion and its fervent True Believers. It's not difficult to assemble an overwhelming case to counter the rubbish and recycled myths we get on a daily basis from the global warming industry, which is badly in need of a regulator."
Spokesman Paul Biggs adds:
"Our evidence, assembled in response to the baseless aspects of criticisms aimed at TGGWS, shows that that the howls of protest from man-made global warming armageddonists are full of hot air. The non-substantive errors in the original programme were corrected before it was re-screened. The issue of origin and quantity of carbon dioxide emissions is a straw man argument since, as our review re-affirms, carbon dioxide is not the cause of climate shifts. It's merely tree food gas, tree huggers should love it.
Anyone who thinks politicians can micro-manage our complex climate system via taxation is deluded beyond belief."
The ABD response to criticisms of TGGWS can be found at: www.abd.org.uk/tggws.htm


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