18 Jun 2007.
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Manchester Against Road Tolls
The fight against road congestion taxes in Manchester will come to the centre of the city, Saturday June 23rd. A demonstration and mass petition signing is being organized by M.A.R.T (Manchester Against Road Tolls) to start at 10am in Market Street.
We call on the people of Manchester to demonstrate against the tax which poses a threat to jobs and freedom.
Spokesmen for MART Sean Corker/Neil Cardwell said:
“We are taking the anti toll tax campaign right to the centre of Manchester to meet as many members of the public as possible, to start the campaign against the anti democratic congestion tax.”
ABD National Spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
“The councils in Manchester have been promised money for Public Transport in exchange for railroading through a hugely unpopular road pricing scheme that would stand no chance of being supported in Birmingham or West Yorkshire. This will be hugely damaging to the interests of the people of Manchester — every penny of the charge will be passed on to local council tax payers in increased prices for goods and services or simply through increased council tax as council employees and vehicles will incur the charge too. We hope that sufficient spirit exists in this great city to see these proposals for what they are — a piece of arm twisting by central Government applied to the softest target — and to stop them in their tracks.”
The event is supported by:
National Alliance Against Tolls
Association of British Drivers
Contact: Sean Corker, the ABD's Manchester Local Co-ordinator
See also the Manchester Toll Tax website.


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