8 Jul 2007.
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C-Charge Fiction from Manchester`s GMPTA
More ABD-MART `Tagged, Tracked and Taxed` Billboard posters to go up on Monday 9th July

The Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority 'future transport' website has 4 congestion charge case studies that were initially claimed to be based on the experiences of real people.
During Saturday 7th July the footnote was changed to "These are fictional case studies based on accurate travel plans under current proposals". Furthermore, the original claim of £3 Billion for public transport is now amended to "a £3billion package of local transport investment and congestion charging". MART and the ABD are pleased to have assisted the shifting sands of truth. We can help further as follows:
GMPTA: 'a £3 Billion package of local transport investment and congestion charging'.
ABD: The £3 Billion includes £1.2 Billion from the 'Transport Innovation Fund', £470 Million of which will be wasted just setting up the C-Charge. £2 Billion will be borrowed from a 'loan shark' known as 'The Government'. Alternatively, £7 Billion could be raised from the sale of Manchester airport, without lumbering Manchester with a £2 Billion loan and an unwanted, unnecessary, highly damaging congestion charge.
GMPTA: 'the Chamber of Commerce would work with the large, medium and small employers to develop travel plans to assist workers and possibly establish more flexible work hours for their business'.
ABD: If workers can establish more flexible working hours to avoid the congestion charge, then why can't flexible working hours be encouraged now in order to avoid congestion without the need to introduce a congestion charge?
GMPTA: 'At today's prices the maximum charge would be £5'.
ABD: By the time the charge is introduced, possibly in 2012, the maximum charge is likely to be more than £5.
GMPTA: 'users would register to a franchised agent'.
ABD: The 'agent' will be a private company taking its cut of the proceeds from the congestion charge.
GMPTA: 'money would be used to re-invest into public transport schemes and to pay for operating costs'.
ABD: The costs of running and enforcing the charge will be substantial. GMPTA's reluctance to be open about the figures must cast serious doubts on how much money will actually be raised for public transport.
ABD Manchester Co-ordinator and MART member Sean Corker said:
"Clearly the case for a congestion charge does not stand up to scrutiny, which is why only limited financial details have been released and proper democratic consultation in the form of a simple yes or no referendum is being avoided. Give us the facts, not fiction. Give us democracy, not dictatorship."


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