12 July 2007.
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Stockport To Be Divided by C-Charge
M60 through Stockport will be an electronic Berlin Wall under Manchester's Congestion Charge Plans

ABD backed Manchester Against Road Tolls (MART) have placed full page poster advertisements in the Stockport Advertiser (12th July) and the Stockport Times (13th July). The advert states:
"In a couple of weeks time the councillors of Greater Manchester have to decide whether to accept the government's blackmail — more money for new public transport, but only if they agree to a massive congestion charge zone. A zone that will run right through Stockport, creating a new toll tax that most Stockport motorists will have to pay. And just think what that's going to do to house prices in the town! If you don't like the idea tell you councillor to vote against it. And do it today! And don't forget to add your name to our online petition."
ABD Manchester co-ordinator and MART member Sean Corker said,
"Manchester authorities are engaged in an ongoing programme of grabbing more and more power to charge as much as they like, where they like, without recourse to the very people they are supposed to represent. The authorities' response to the genuine concerns of Manchester's residents over issues such as house prices is a wall of spin and prevarication, just like the wall that will partition Stockport in two."


Sign the MART petition here: www.manchestertolltax.com

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