11 Aug 2007.
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Climate Science Update (2) from the ABD
In the second of a series of press releases relating to climate science and its relevance to the over-taxed, over-regulated British motorist, some of the latest research is briefly reviewed below.

Research findings that are inconvenient to the political establishment's view of man-made climate change are rarely if ever reported in the media, possibly due to the lack of an alarmist element and the prevalent view of man-made climate change as the politically correct and fashionable new religion.
Equally these findings are not properly represented in climate models - which are the only location that man-made climate change can be observed. Actual data shows no shift outside the normal range of natural variability.
This second review from the ABD aims to help balance UK media coverage of an aspect of science that is seen by politicians as providing a carte blanche for imposing ever higher taxes, and controls on mobility.
As these research summaries show, there is no justification for premature drastic actions such as these. Given the lack of direct observational evidence for man-made global warming the 'Precautionary Principle' actually dictates that politicians refrain from Armageddonist scaremongering as a means to political ends.


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