22 Aug 2007.
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ABD Demands End of Political Speed Limits
Lincolnshire County Council is planning to reduce the speed limit on the A52 between Boston and Skegness.

One of the reasons given by the council for doing this is:
"The A52 is currently used as a major route for coastal access and the volumes and speed of traffic along this stretch can therefore be high. It is proposed to discourage traffic from the A52 over this length as part of the A158/C541 coastal access improvement. This will lead to traffic continuing north of Boston on the A16, rather than using the A52."
The A52 is used as a major route for coastal access for one simple reason: it is a major route for coastal access. It is the main road between Boston and Skegness.
ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
"It is barking mad to suggest that a speed limit on a major road should be reduced to 'discourage traffic' simply because lots of people use the road, such an opinion is symptomatic of the insane manner in which roads are viewed by councils these days."
The distance between Boston and Skegness is 23 miles via the A52, the alternative route which the council is trying to force people onto, the A16 and A158, is 30 miles.
Retired police officer Keith Peat, now ABD Local Co-ordinator for Lincolnshire said:
"Here is the evidence that speed limits are used on major roads not for safety but for political and strategic reasons and for favouritism of certain hamlets. This by definition will force more traffic onto the A16 between Boston and Partney, what of the villages there? The question now is, how many of our speed limits, and thus convictions, have been no more than political use of speed limits?"
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"All over the country we are seeing speed limits reduced to inappropriate levels for political reasons. Councillors respond to a handful of ill-informed residents, whilst the opinions of the hundreds or thousands of drivers who use the road every day are treated with contempt. It is time speed limit setting was taken away from councils, and put into the hands of a national body representing ALL road users."


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