7 Sep 2007.
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ABD Welcomes New BBC Impartiality On Climate Change
The announcement that the BBC is to scrap a day-long 'Climate Change Special' is to be welcomed by all who want a factual unbiased debate on climate change issues. As expected the announcement has already been condemned by green extremists who wish to close down any debate, afraid of the possibility that any accurate portrayal of climate science and related data may reach the public.
ABD environment spokesman Ben Adams said:
"The BBC has for far too long shown bias by promoting one-sided scaremongering stories of man made climate change, despite the lack of any credible objective scientific data that shows a dangerous human impact on global climate via the enhanced greenhouse effect. This visible bias was openly acknowledged by Jeremy Paxman in a BBC in-house publication. Fortunately the right messages seem to have reached the BBC's decision makers, and we applaud this bravery and common sense in the face of howls of protest from the global warming industry as their media stranglehold is dismantled. Given that motorists are one of the main scapegoats of the political fall-out from any biased coverage, including risible claims that paying more tax to politifcians will allow them to micromanage our complex and chaotic climate system, the BBC's more even-handed approach will be broadly welcomed."
The BBC announced that the project has been scrapped partly due to the negative reaction to this summer's flop Live Earth concert, promoted by Al Gore. This failure was cited as a factor with viewers telling the BBC to present the debate around climate change in an informed and rigorous manner — they do not want to be lectured by wealthy pop stars and celebrities.


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