5 Oct 2007.
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ABD Praises West Sussex Council School Safety Zones
West Sussex County Council have announced that 51 schools are to get school safety zones utilising flashing signs warning drivers of advisory speed limits during drop off and pick up times. The scheme may be extended.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
"This is something the ABD has campaigned for over many years (see our press release from Nov 2002: www.abd.org.uk/pr/346.htm). Drivers will respect limits that are there for a clear purpose and that only apply during necessary times. This is a common sense approach to speed management and the ABD applauds West Sussex County Council for their enlightened thinking. The ABD has in the past had productive meetings with road safety officers in West Sussex. Let us hope that other councils follow their lead."
Humphries continued:
"It is unfortunate and damaging to road safety that some less enlightened authorities have put in blanket 20MPH limits regardless of hazard density which are of course widely ignored. In many cases local camera partnerships and police have also abused such limits by enforcing them at times of day when such limits are clearly ludicrous. This only serves to further destroy the relationship between drivers and the authorities and further erodes respect for all speed limits including those that serve a purpose."


West Sussex County Council

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