13 Oct 2007.
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Peace Prize or Orwell's "Ministry of Truth"?
Gore and IPCC Don't Deserve a Nobel Prize

The ABD today poured scorn on the awarding of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and the IPCC for their position on Man Made Global Warming.
The IPCC are the organisation who have re-written history to get rid of the "inconvenient" medieval warm period, which spoils the climate change scare story. Al Gore has made millions from his film "An Inconvenient Truth", which has just been given a health warning by a high court judge on nine counts of scientific inaccuracy.
"It is very telling that these groups have been awarded a prize for POLITICAL activity in an area of scientific research", said ABD Climate Spokesman Ben Adams. "There was never a chance of them getting the Physics prize — their position is too full of holes."
Both Gore and the IPCC react to criticism and dissent by suppressing debate and by withdrawing funding/mounting personal attacks on those who dare to challenge their position. It is easy to claim you have a consensus if you invent ways of discrediting everyone who disagrees so that their opinion does not count.
Overall, the behaviour of Gore and the IPCC towards their critics and towards genuine scientific debate owes more to totalitarianism than to peace.


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